Listening to Life, Healing by way of Hera-tic-ing, and Saged the app

2020, 2021, 2022…Past, Present, Future…I feel like each year has come with its own overarching theme. For me, 2020, was the Year of Reflection,  a cataclysmic year filled with WTF moments that felt as if a proverbial mirror was being held to everyone’s life, hell, to society as a whole, and it just felt like, for every good moment, there were two equal and opposite not-so-good moments. During this time, I took an objective look at myself, and my life in that mirror. I realized that I had grown complacent. Stewing in my realization, I recall being a kid and feeling like the World was mine for the taking, and then life happened and fear became the compass that I set my course by. The impact of 2020 was that I saw myself struggling against the life that I had created for myself, no longer in alignment with the structural life commitments and contracts that I once centered and define myself with. I felt different…I felt stuck. 

2021, for me, was the Year of Recalibration, I felt like I was in a revamped version of the 1995 movie, “While You Were Sleeping,” where I had awakened to this life that I couldn’t remember living, so I used all of the 2020 observations of myself and my life and surmised that I was at a crossroads, I could either stifle my feelings of general discontentment with my life and chalk it up to being part of the common experience and continue down my current path allowing the ghosts of my past to escort me back to my seat of familiar stability or I could shake things up and take quick and decisive actions towards alignment with that part of me that whispered stories of life beyond contentment, a life where my soul could feel at peace because I was no longer being guided by fear, stories that introduced the idea of the re-discovery of myself. As I sat pondering my decision, my Youtube playlist that was on softly in the background ended, and the trailer for the movie Ghostbusters Afterlife began playing, and as the trailer ended, the theme song from the original Ghostbusters played in my mind with what seemed like a special emphasis on the lyrics “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”I don’t subscribe to the theory of coincidences, so I took the emergence of that theme song at that specific time, as a message; a message that I should throw caution to the wind and invest in the re-discovery of self. I don’t know about ya’ll but when I make a decision, I find that my mind still toggles between uber confidence and overwhelming doubt so thankfully to further affirm that I was on the right path, as I logged on to one of the many Saged Zoom events/masterclasses I was welcomed by the Saged creator and founder, Julia, as she introduced the community to Maturation Coach, Mrs. Nicky Clinch. Nicky spoke of this 35-hour program that she and her mentor, Dr. David Morris, conducted that allowed its participants to shift from knowing themselves as being someone with a life to knowing themselves as life expressed through being a someone. Needless to say, I immediately signed up for the course, it was amazingly thought-provoking and engaging. 

I no longer felt like I was starring in the re-make of “While You Were Sleeping.” I felt and still feel like I am actively co-creating the life of my dreams. I love whom I have evolved into and I’m thrilled with whom I am becoming, so as we usher in 2022, I feel like we will be able to collectively release that bated breath that we’ve either knowingly or unknowingly held these past couple of years, and start marking our calendars for mindfully spent vacays, mental health days off from work, and religiously practiced acts of self-care, because 2022 feels like the Year of Rejuvenation and I am ready to soak it all in. I hope that you are ringing in the new year surrounded by all of the people, places, and things that you love. Cheers to you… Until next time, ya’ll.

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